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My studio

My studio was created with passion. Passion or the sewing and painting, passion for creating unique things. When I created my studio, silk painting was only a supplement to tailoring. In addition to tailoring, I was involved in painting silk scarves, aprons and clothes in general. My wings were the wings in the style of the Monarch butterfly. Since then, I have made a lot of wings, in over 80 patterns.
I make the wings with the pattern of real butterflies and their various graphic colored compositions. Each pair of wings is hand painted on individual order so the wings of the same model are similar but never the same. My wings are ordered by belly dancers and burlesque dancer, women on fitness shows, artists, performers, ordinary women for Halloween costume or carnival. I like my work, I like to enjoy the intense shimmer colors and the smoothness of the silk when the wings are ready. Sometimes I wish I was a dancer just to put my wings on. I am happy when I get a message from a happy customer, her pictures or video with my wings. Then I'm proud of my work. In my work I use the highest quality professional paint for silk painting, of reputable German and French companies. These modern and durable paints retain the natural softness of silk giving it intense and full of light colors. For each order I come up individually and the top priority is for me the highest quality and satisfaction of the customer. From the very beginning, my husband - Janek, who takes the  pictures of all the new wing’s models –cooperates with me
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